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ENThe Swedish bread of Pagen is the perfect bread for any occasion, be it breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner. Enjoy it by creating your own recipes and adding the ingredients that you like, it will be delicious! SVPagenas svenska bröd är det perfekta brödet för varje tillfälle, det är frukost, mellanmål, lunch eller middag. Njut av det genom att skapa...

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ENThe gluten free bread of Fria is a bread already cut, perfect for both cold and hot sandwiches. Its delicious flavor and fluffy texture makes it perfect for toasting or for eating naturally. Having no gluten makes it perfect for the whole family whether they are celiac or not, so there is no excuse for not enjoying a good sandwich with all your favorite...

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ENA delicious gluten-free bread from Fria. Perfect for both toasting and natural eating, so fill it up with your favorite ingredients and enjoy a delicious and light dinner. You can also toast it and make hot sandwiches, besides having gluten is perfect for everyone. SVEtt gott glutenfritt bröd från Fria. Perfekt för både rosta och naturlig ätning, så...

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