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ENThe delicious cabbage Kramer's Krautboy is made with the classic recipe so you can enjoy all the taste of Sauerkraut in your home easily, is ready to eat so you just have to place it in individual saucers in a large bowl and let each one serve whatever he wants! Enjoy all the flavor and accompany all your meals with this coleslaw. NLDe heerlijke kool...

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ENThe Kramer's Krautboy sauerkraut is a delight, fresh and ready to eat you can accompany all your dishes with this delicious cabbage salad. Add flavor and aroma to your meals or dinners and enjoy all the nuances of this sauerkraut you will not regret having tried it! NLDe Krautboy-zuurkool van Kramer is een genot, vers en klaar om te eten. Je kunt al je...

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ENKramer's Krautboy brings us his red cabbage with apple ready to eat, enjoy this perfect cabbage salad to accompany both meat and fish dishes. An incredible flavor with a soft and silky texture that will make every bite a delight. Do not hesitate to try it because we know you will repeat. NLKrautboy van Kramer brengt ons zijn rode kool met appel, klaar...

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