In our Household items section for    you will find products of all kinds, such as decorative bags or stationery products. You will also have hardware products such as basic tools, padlocks or electrical products such as extension cords or adapters.

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ENBag for the Dutch brand, with great capacity. A durable plastic bag for when you make the purchase in person and not from the comfort of our website. NLBoodschappentas Nederlands merk met een grote capaciteit. Een zak van stoer te doen bij het kopen in persoon en niet van het comfort van onze web plastic.

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ENWith this auxiliary battery or portable charger, you can recharge your mobile phone, your MP3, your GPS, etc. The cable is universal, not the specific cable for Apple devices. NLMet deze extra batterij of draagbare lader, kunt u uw mobiele telefoon, uw MP3, GPS, etc. op te laden De kabel is universeel, niet specifiek kabel voor Apple-apparaten.

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ENTape measure of 3 meters away. It never hurts to count on a meter by hand, it is ideal to carry in a backpack or in a bag because it is not very heavy and has a length of 300 cm. NLMeetlint 3 meter afstand. Het kan nooit kwaad om een meter de hand te hebben, is het ideaal om te dragen in de rugzak of tas want het is niet echt zwaar en heeft 300 cm in...

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ENSecurity locks of 3 different sizes. The small of 25mm, the medium of 30mm and the largest of 40mm. Use them for the locker, to close backpacks or other accessories. Each lock has three keys. NLSecurity Lock 3 verschillende maten. De kleine 25mm, 30mm middelgrote en grotere 40mm. Gebruik ze om de box office, met rugzakken of andere accessoires te...

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