Pancakes, cakes and biscuits for your baby, gluten-free, without preservatives or colourings, with all the nutrients and vitamins for your breakfast and all your meals. Discover brands like Hipp and Ella's Kitchen.
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ENDelicious and nutritious baby biscuits from Liga. These cookies are intended for babies 6 to 12 months, when the baby begins to chew. NLLekker en voedzaam kindje koekjes League. Deze cookies zijn zuigelingen 6-12 maanden wanneer de baby begint te kauwen.

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ENThese Bolletje cookies are special for babies, with a special texture so they can eat it without problems. Enriched with calcium and vitamin B1, these cookies will become the favorite of your little one, they also come in 10 packages with 2 cookies in each one so you always have them on hand at snack time or take them wherever you want! NLDeze...

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