Toro Sjokoladekake Langpanne 854g/ Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix


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ENMake your own chocolate cakes with celiac gluten prepared Toro. Enjoy your time in the kitchen with the best chocolate. COOKING 1. Turn the oven to 180 ° C (hot air 170 ° C). 2. Add 3.5 ml in a bowl of water and 200 g of melted butter or margarine or 2 dl liquid margarine (you can also use neutral oil). Mix the contents of the bag with the butter and stir well until smooth and soft. 3. Add the mixture into a mold (30x37 cm approx.) Well buttered. 4. Leave the pan on the bottom rack and cook about 20 minutes. NOLag din egen sjokolade kaker med cøliaki gluten forberedt Toro. Nyt tiden på kjøkkenet med de beste sjokolade. TILBEREDNING 1.Sett stekeovnen på 180 °C (ved varmluft 170 °C). 2.Rør sammen 3,5 dl vann og 200 g smeltet margarin/smør eller 2 dl flytende margarin (nøytral olje kan også brukes). Bland inn posens innhold og rør til en jevn røre. 3.Ha røren i en smurt langpanne ca. 30 x 37 cm. 4.Stek på nederste rille i ca. 20 minutter..

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ENSugar, wheat starch (gluten, <20 ppm gluten), low fat cocoa powder 4%, risbakemel, egg, dextrose, starch, raising agent (dinatriumdifosfat, sodium hydrogen carbonate, tricalcium phosphate), canola oil, salt, thickening agent (guar gum, xanthan gum), flavoring. NOSukker, hvetestivelse (glutenfri, <20 ppm gluten), fettredusert kakao 4 %, risbakemel, egg, druesukker, stivelse, hevemiddel (dinatriumdifosfat, natriumhydrogenkarbonat, trikalsiumfosfat), rapsolje, salt, fortykningsmiddel (guarkjernemel, xantangummi), aroma.

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