Malaco Zoo 80g/ Fruit Swetties


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ENFruit jelly sweets. You like its texture and its shapes in little monkeys. SVGodis med fruktsmak gelatin. Liksom sin struktur och form till små apor. NOCandy frukt-flavored gelatin. Som sin struktur og form til små aper.

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ENSugar, glucose syrup, gelatin, starch, E270 acid, acidity regulator E325, vegetable oils (coconut, palm), E471 stabilizer, flavor, surface treatment (carnauba wax), coloring E120, E160a. SVSocker/sukker, glukossirap, vatten/vand, gelatin, stärkelse/stivelse, syra (E270), arom, vegetabilisk olja, ytbehandlings-/overfladebehandlingsmiddel (karnaubavax/voks), färgämnen/farvestoffer (E120, E160a). NOSukker, glukosesirup , vann / genet, gelatin, stivelse / stivelse, syre (E270), smak, vegetabilsk olje, overflatebehandling / overfladebehandlingsmiddel (carnauba voks /), fargestoffer / farvestoffer (E120, E160a).

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