Santa Maria Wrap Salsa Medium 230g/ Burrito and Fajita Sauce


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ENDelicious salsa for wraps or pancakes, for burritos or fajitas. Delight yourself with the Mexican flavor in a medium spicy sauce. SVLäcker sås för wraps eller pannkakor, burritos eller fajitas för. Njuta av smaken av Mexiko i en sås medellång kryddig nivå. NODeilig saus for wraps eller pannekaker, burritos eller fajitas for. Nyt smaken av Mexico i en saus medium krydret nivå.

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ENTomatoes 55%, tomato, onion 8%, green chilli, jalapeño chili 2%, salt 1,5%, vinegar, lime juice, cornstarch, chilli, paprika (powder), garlic, cumin, other herbs, coriander. SVTomaten 55%, tomatenpuree, ui 8%, groene chili, jalapeño chili 2%, zout 1,5%, azijn, limoensap, maïszetmeel, chilipeper, paprika (poeder), knoflook, komijn, andere kruiden, koriander. NOTomater 55%, tomat, løk 8%, grønn chili, jalapeño chili 2%, salt 1,5%, eddik, lime juice, maismel, chili, paprika (pulver), hvitløk, spisskummen, andre urter, koriander.

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