Gwoon Pitabroodje's x10/ Pita Bread


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ENPrepare your own pita bread with G'woon in just 5 minutes. This pack contains 6 pita breads of 80 gram. You just need to put them in the oven for 4-6 minutes and you can eat this delicious specialty in your house. NLBereid je eigen pitabroodje met G'woon in slechts 5 minuten. Dit pakket bevat 6 pitabroodjes van 80 gram. Je hoeft ze alleen maar 4-6 minuten in de oven te leggen en je kunt deze heerlijke specialiteit in je huis eten.

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ENWheat flour, water, yeast, salt, dextrose. NLTarwebloem, water, gist, zout, dextrose.

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