Haribo Piratos 80g/ Pirate Sweeties


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ENBlack liquorice treats with an elastic texture and a delicious flavor. They are shaped like coins from pirate ships. A very sweet treasure. SVSvart lakrits godis med en elastisk konsistens och en utsökt smak. Mynt är formade som piratskepp . mycket söt skatt.

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ENGlucose syrup, sugar, corn starch, flavoring agents (ammonium chloride, etc.), raw liquorice, dark syrup, salt, caramelized sugar, vegetable oil (coconut, palm), beeswax. SVGlukossirap , socker, majsstärkelse, smakämnen (ammoniumklorid, etc), rå lakrits, mörk sirap, salt, karamelliserat socker, vegetabilisk olja (kokos, palm), bivax.

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