Tine Ekte Geitost 500g/ Goat Cheese


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ENDelicious goat cheese from Tine, let yourself be carried away by the intense flavor of this goat cheese that, thanks to its format, you can cut into small pieces, make small slices or grate it to add a point of flavor to your pasta dishes. Do not hesitate any more if you like Tine's goat cheese, you'll love it! NOLekkert geitost fra Tine, la deg bli båret bort av den intense smaken av denne geitosten, som, takket være formatet, kan du kutte i små stykker, lage små stykker eller rist det for å legge til et smakepunkt for pastarettene dine. Ikke nøl med mer hvis du liker Tines geitost, vil du elske det!

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ENGoat's milk serum, goat's cream, pasteurized goat's milk, 27% fat content. NOGeitmelkserum, geitkrem, pasteurisert geitmelk, 27% fettinnhold.

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